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Give a little and make a big difference to getting more people more active more often
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Give a little and make a big difference to getting more people more active more often
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Give a little and make a big difference to getting more people more active more often
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Give a little and make a big difference to getting more people more active more often
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Give a little and make a big difference to getting more people more active more often
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Give a little and make a big difference to getting more people more active more often
slide 2
Give a little and make a big difference to getting more people more active more often
slide 3
Give a little and make a big difference to getting more people more active more often
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Give a little and make a big difference to getting more people more active more often
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Give a little and make a big difference to getting more people more active more often

We’re a Social Enterprise that means #PeopleBeforeProfit and our volunteers are an essential part of our offer

Life at Halo Leisure is not like being in other gyms or sports centre. We are smart and savvy – we know our customers want to work out in stunning spaces using the best equipment – but our Social Enterprise status (with all profits ploughed back into the work we do to get more people more active more often) means we use commercial principles for community good, putting people before profit. And we’ve won plenty of awards for the difference we’ve made to people as we’ve grown since (we now manage leisure centres across four counties including Herefordshire, Shropshire, Wiltshire and Bridgend County).

As a volunteer you will be a member of this community, networking with and working alongside incredible people and using your skills – and we welcome volunteers not only with sporting skills (you don’t need to have any to sign up) but with customer service skills or those invaluable people skills (kindness, empathy, team working and more) that can add value to the groups we run here and the visitors we welcome into centres to work out or wind down.

We offer support at every level, for every ability, at every age, and our staff and volunteers are learning too, from each other and ongoing training

At Halo we welcome everyone from elite athletes training for international competitions to school children wanting to learn to swim, from teams coming into our centres for tennis, football, squash, circuits and classes to individuals sent to us by their GP to aid recovery or prevent ill health.
And so many others in between. Every one of them is welcome, and every one receives support to help them reach their goals.

We have a team who live our values and change lives everyday

This is a way of working that influences the decisions we make and the people who volunteer for us. Our staff and volunteers get it – the community benefit at the heart of this organisation – and live and breathe our mission to promote physical and mental health, articulating it to the community in the way they work and the support they offer.

Our volunteers – like our staff – enjoy ongoing training while they are with us and, crucially, learn new skills from each other and our full-time team and the very different people with different backgrounds and different needs who come into our centres. Our volunteers find what they put in the more they get out, in terms of connections with others, satisfaction from serving their community, and skills they can use in the future which many say give them a platform and sense of purpose for the future.

Volunteering at Halo is your chance to give something back to your local community! Halo is a registered charity who aims to make a difference to the lives of others in our local community not just through physical activity but through forging friendships, supporting social activities and supporting people’s mental wellbeing too.

People volunteer with Halo for a variety of reasons...

Give something back – support Halo – your local leisure charity and gain a sense of achievement from giving back to your local community.

Make a difference to the lives of others in your local community from helping children learn a life saving skill by learning to swim or supporting our weekly Dementia meetup groups.

Help people who find exercise a challenge by being part of a support network helping others who may be isolated to feel the social and physical benefits by using their local Halo facilities available to them.

Experience a new challenge away from your day-to-day routine, worklife or a busy lifestyle that is rewarding and a chance to feel valued, part of a team and an opportunity to gain confidence and self-esteem.

The perfect opportunity to get you out of the house and give back to your local community with the added social benefits! Meet new people, make new friends and the chance to socialise in a new environment.

Learn new skills, knowledge and experience that can enhance your CV and improve your employment prospects.

Are you ready to join Halo's volunteer team?

Whatever your reason, everyone who volunteers with Halo can make a real difference to the lives of those around them as well as their own!

There are loads of ways to get involved at Halo and for you to support your local community!

We don’t have a full list of roles, as there are simply to many but here’s a few to give you a flavour of the kinds of roles and areas you could volunteer in…

Helper in the water – helping children learn life saving skills that will be with them forever
Buddy in the centre – helping isolated customers get to local Halo centres, supporting/ being a companion to customers during their visits
Community development – helping within our dedicated support groups including our Dementia programme and autism swimming programme. Find out more about the work of our Active Communities Team in Bridgend County
Gymnastics support – work with our team of professional coaches
Volunteer fundraiser – helping to generate much needed funds to allow us to offer even more activities for our local communities

Want a piece of the volunteering action?

Think about what interests or excites you. This could be something you enjoyed doing before, or something completely new.

Think about what time or skills you can give or want to develop.

Express your interest – you can do this by filling in our enquiry form here.

What’s in it for YOU?

At Halo we understand the importance of rewards and want to reward our hard-working volunteers! We are proud to offer a fantastic benefits package for you to enjoy in return for giving up your free time to support Halo, your local leisure charity supporting your local community.

Our volunteer benefits package is put together to be relevant and useful to you. Reviewed throughout the year, new incentives are often added into the mix to make life richer and to ensure our volunteers feel valued.

Here are our current benefits you’ll receive when you volunteer with Halo….

Betty’s Volunteer Journey at Halo

Daniel’s Volunteer Journey at Halo

Daniel first came to Leominster Leisure Centre as a 15 year old on school work experience which led to him securing a voluntary position. We were very lucky to have Daniel as a volunteer for 9 months helping out in the cafe but most of his time he could be found in the pool working alongside a swimming instructor, supporting children on the learn to swim programme. After successfully achieving the National Pool Lifeguard Qualification, we were delighted to offer Daniel a position as part of our lifeguarding team.

Daniel’s efforts were recognised when he was awarded Halo’s ‘Volunteer of the Year’.

Daniel Meadmore
Frequently Asked Questions

If your question isn’t answered below, please fill in our contact us form and we will be in touch.

A: There is no minimum or maximum number of hours you can volunteer for.

A: The commitment you make is up to you, we just need to know what you can do and we will agree to the terms which work for you as part of your induction process.

A: Yes you will receive a full induction from your Volunteer Champion as part of your welcome package.

A: Yes, you can apply for as many of our roles that interest you at any one time. You can hold more than one volunteer role with us.

A: Yes we agree the role terms with you as part of your induction.

A: Having a diverse workforce is very important to us. We would assess your needs on an individual basis and work to support you to be a success in your chosen role.

A: We aim to shortlist people very soon after application and then arrange interviews for suitable candidates. You should hear something from us after a maximum of two weeks.

A: Yes, we require two references. For some of our volunteers we also require DBS checks. Where DBS is required, this is confirmed as part of your induction.

A: Yes, we can offer work experience. Please fill in the contact us form below and our HR team will be in touch.

Want to get in touch?

Whatever your reason for getting involved; we would love to hear from you.

Fill in your details below and we will be in touch!

We need this information so we can contact you. From time to time we would like to send you information about the latest developments at Halo – member benefits, new activities, competitions and offers on our products and services. Your information will never be passed on to third parties

Read our privacy statement here.
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Halo would be nothing without its team – volunteers who reach, teach, engage and inspire our visitors every day, developing their own professional skills as they go

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