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  • When you book your activity you are making a committment to yourself and to us to participate in that booking. If you book and then don't turn up you are depriving someone else of the activity, which just isn't fair.
  • If you are going to cancel, please do so as early as possible so that we can allocate the activity to someone else. If you have paid for your booking, we'll issue a credit note which you can use online or in the centre. To enable you maximum flexibility, you may cancel pre-booked activities online or by calling us up to two hours before the activity start time. If you cancel with less than two hours notice we will charge you the pay-as-you-go price for the missed booking..
  • A member who books and then doesn't show up (without cancelling in advance) will be charged the pay-as-you-go price for the missed booking.
  • Although we will make every attempt to keep to the published activity programme, we reserve the right to change opening times and activities. We will try to give appropriate notice should this happen but some activities may not be able to take place due to unforeseen circumstances at extremely short notice.
  • If there is payment due for your activity it must be made at the time of booking.
  • By making a booking you are agreeing to abide by the Rules and Regulations of the centre as advertised.
  • The easiest way to cancel is on the Halo Leisure App for your chosen centre.
  • Members are asked to give at least two hours notice of cancellation. However it is accepted that sometimes this may not be possible and therefore there will be no penalty for occasionally cancelling with shorter notice. By occasionally, we mean fewer than three times in any rolling three weeks. In order to keep things fair for everyone, more frequent late cancellation will result in all booking rights automaticlly being suspended for 7 days.