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Discover something about yourself, and do something good for others this month. Go dry! We dare you....

Alcohol Concern’s now annual event encourages us all to put away the alcohol for the whole of January to discover the difference it could make. We’re not talking just calories (but two bottles of wine and four pints of beer a week adds up to a collective 1600 cals), or cost (same quota is over £40 for the seven days), but also the impact of drinking on your health and wellbeing.

This isn’t about giving up for good, just an exercise in awareness so you can see and feel the difference alcohol makes to your health, weight and wellbeing. Alcohol Concern say more than two million people cut out alcohol last January and nearly eight out of ten participants save money, more than six out of ten reported better sleep and more energy and nearly half of those taking part lost weight. What’s more many sign up to raise money for charities, and so achieve far more than just a break from booze. And when you celebrate your achievement on February 1, word has it you’ll want to drink less and savour more in the future. Find out more at

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