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We are proud to announce we have expanded our award-winning ‘FEEL GOOD FOR LIFE’ programme into Herefordshire which is designed to support individuals (and their carers) living with dementia, loneliness, or depression by promoting physical activity and social engagement.

We are delighted that we have started this programme at Hereford Leisure Centre which has been made possible through funding from Herefordshire Council and the generous support from Dementia Matters Herefordshire, Wye Valley NHS Trust, and Alzheimer's Society UK.

The sessions will take place on Thursdays from 11.30am to 1.15pm where customers will enjoy a series of enjoyable, friendly, and engaging exercise activities followed by time to enjoy a complimentary hot drink and biscuit after with new friends. The cost to participate is just £2.50 per person, with carers attending free of charge.

The programme caters to those diagnosed with dementia, demonstrating that you can still partake in activities you enjoy and even explore new interests. Low-impact exercise is particularly beneficial for both physical and mental health, enhancing the quality of life in all stages of dementia.

Ryan Statton, Head of Active Communities at Halo Leisure, said: “We recognise the challenges that people face when it comes to venturing out, staying active, and connecting with others, especially for those who are caring for family members or living with dementia, depression, loneliness, or uncertainty. By working together in partnership with adult social care, health professionals, and local community groups, the project creates a safe and supportive leisure environment, allowing people to connect by creating a shared experience.

In Halo centres in Bridgend County Borough we have seen the power our ‘FEEL GOOD FOR LIFE’ programme has brought by introducing physical activity, reminiscing, and socialising for people living with dementia, loneliness and depression. It can help manage mood, unlock memories and abilities thought lost, and bring people, including unpaid carers, closer.”

The ‘FEEL GOOD FOR LIFE’ sessions offer numerous advantages, such as:

  • Help get physically active and mentally stimulated 
  • Clearing the mind and reducing anxiety
  • Improving mood and encouraging positive thinking
  • Creating opportunities for social interaction to combat loneliness and have fun
  • Enhancing the quality of sleep
  • Boosting motor skills to effectively improve brain function, including decision-making, problem-solving, and movement

Launching our ‘FEEL GOOD FOR LIFE’ programme at Hereford Leisure Centre represents a significant step forward in improving the lives of those living with dementia, loneliness, or depression, reaffirming Halo’s commitment to promoting health and well-being within the Herefordshire community.

For more information or to book your spot, click here.