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Get ready to level up your fitness game with Halo@HOME - powered by Les Mills!

A Fusion of Fitness

Halo@HOME is here to revolutionise your fitness experience by bringing the world's largest group fitness provider, Les Mills, right to your doorstep. This exclusive offering is designed to seamlessly blend in-centre and at-home workouts, supercharging your fitness journey like never before.


🧘 Find Your Balance with BodyBalance - Discover the perfect equilibrium between mind and body with this holistic workout.

👊 Unleash Your Inner Warrior with BodyCombat - Channel your inner fighter and let out your stress while building strength and agility.

💪 Pump Up the Gains with BodyPump - Sculpt your physique and build muscle with this high-intensity resistance training.

🏃‍♂️ Crush Your Cardio Goals with BodyAttack - Elevate your heart rate and burn calories while having a blast.

🧡 Strengthen Your Core with Core - A strong core is the foundation of a healthy body; build it up with this focused workout.

🔥 Feel the Burn with Grit - Push your limits and experience intense, short-duration, high-intensity interval training.

And, we haven't forgotten our little fitness enthusiasts! We've got 'Born to Move' workouts specially designed to keep them active and engaged.


Exclusive Access for Valued Members

It's time to #GetActive and stay fit with your favourite Les Mills workouts, exclusively available to our valued Halo members. With Halo@HOME, you have the freedom to choose your workout, your way.


How to Access Halo@HOME

Ready to sweat it out? Access all these incredible workouts through the Halo Leisure App's Halo@HOME option. Whether you're at home or at one of our fitness centres, the Les Mills experience is at your fingertips.


Join the movement, set new records, and embrace a healthier lifestyle with Halo@HOME. Let's crush those fitness goals together!