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Covid has sabotaged social connections in so many ways, but the chemistry of group exercise facilitates them. Check out the cheers that go up and congratulations shared at the end of one of our brilliant fitness classes.

This is a physical thing. When you increase your heart rate, use your body, engage your muscles - your brain is more inclined to bond with those around you, and connections are so good for health and wellbeing. Let’s resolve to connect more and work out together in the months ahead. The best and most brilliant place to start is in a group exercise class in one of our studios or pools (offering everything from seated exercises to aquafit, Circuits to Pilates). Check out our timetable at or download the Halo App so you can book (and cancel if you need to) a session easily. And do ask our team to introduce you to the instructor and your classmates if you’re feeling daunted (daunted is a common symptom among new class exercisers, but it passes in the first five minutes!) and then come in and feel the welcome as you work out.  Even better bring a friend or family member along to share in the joy.

Claim your FREE seven-day pass for yourself HERE - feel free to share this link with your friends and family so they can use Halo FREE for a week too!