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Introducing our new smaller group Swim-A-Song and Preschool swimming lessons taking place during the school term time at Hereford Leisure Pool...

Swim-A-Song Lessons for ages 4-24 months: A 30 minute class that is a relaxing and innovative way to introduce your baby to the pool, which allows you both to play and exercise to music with up to 5 other water buddies. 

Swim-A-Song 1: 4-12 months Friday 9.30am 

Swim-A-Song 2: 12-24 months Thursday 9.30am


Preschool Lessons for ages 3-4 years: Our instructor will be in the water with your little one and up to 3 other children helping them to swim, with the aid of fun, games, floats and 4 grades of colourful Duckling Award badges they can achieve along the way. You are not in the water with your little one. You can sit back and watch your little one reach for the top award as they jump, duck under and swim 5 metres unaided in their 30 minute lesson.

Thursday 9am & 3pm

Friday 9am & 3pm


Price: All these lessons run during term time only- bookable in a block of up to 13 weeks (depending on the number of weeks in the school term). A session costs £10.50, you need to book and pay in advance for the block. Eg) A 13 week block of lessons would cost a one off payment of £136.50.  

Want a piece of the action? Pop into the centre or call us on 01432 272512

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