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Member Jade was at the gym or a group exercise class three times a week after work not so long ago. And loved it. She felt and saw the benefits. And vowed – like all expectant mums – that wouldn’t change when her baby came along. That health would still be a priority. And it is, it’s just had to get in line with other, more demanding, and ever-changing priorities.

Back at work part-time, with a baby who became a lively toddler in a blink (and now has his own routine of playgroup and toddler swim classes and more) and with her partner’s work pattern (early starts & late nights) leaves her looking at a long sit down at the end of the day as the new priority. Booking a babysitter and driving to the gym? Not so much.

When Halo@Home came onto the scene during the Covid lockdowns she didn’t imagine it would make the difference it did. She had never been one for home workouts. But for a few days in a row, she joined a 30-minute workout during her son’s naptime. Jade went on to say how good it felt, she had more energy, felt more relaxed, and – crucial this one – enjoyed being able to do something just for herself during the day.  Jade doesn't just log in on her day’s off, but when she's working at home she still enjoys a Halo@Home session in my lunch break, the stretch and movement being the best sort of break from the desk.

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