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Technology has been key to social and physical activity during lockdown. As businesses, a world without technology just isn’t possible. It is so embedded into almost every commercial process - we just take it for granted. 

This has not been the case for the vulnerable people in our local communities in Bridgend County. The lack of access to or ability to use IT means they are digitally excluded. As a social enterprise with a strong sense of community engagement and wanting to further its corporate social responsibility, we launched our Digital Inclusion Project to facilitate social and physical activity during lockdown.

To deliver this programme, we’ve worked with the Wales Cooperative Centre & Digital Communities Wales and received support from Bridgend County Borough Council and the Welsh Government’s Voluntary Services Emergency Fund, administered by the Wales Council for Voluntary Action. 

Devices, internet access and training were provided to ensure that vulnerable groups were not left out and were able to access physical, social activity and improve their mental health.