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Anyone who knows and loves our outdoor pool at Severn Centre will be familiar with its story. It was created by and for the local community in the 1970s to provide locals with a safe space to swim. In need of massive refurbishment a few years ago and (like so many lidos) at risk of closing, it saw the local community once again rise to the challenge, working with us to raise thousands to secure its rescue and renovation. 

So here it is - our 25m of heated outdoor...loveliness for everyone to enjoy once again. 

Ps...Remember this is not only a great place to relax, but the perfect way to get fit. 

Just 30 minutes in the pool...

  •  Delivers a crucial cardio workout.
  •  Is the best all-round workout because it’s low impact but gets your heart rate up.
  • Burns calories, faster than walking or other low-impact activities.
  • Is perfect for all ages and abilities, its low impact workouts a favourite for those who suffer from arthritis, MS or other mobility issues.
  • Promotes healthy sleep and is the perfect way to wind down. Just float on your back, breathe out and enjoy some cloud watching.