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We know things are a little uncertain around the easing of restrictions and on travelling if your dad lives further away. But we also know how many of you are looking forward, finally, to simply being together.  So here are our top five ways to plan ahead and make the day special, with some fine remote options for good measure in case your dad is still at a distance.

1. Call us (up to 14 days in advance) to book a dip in one of our pools, or a game of golf or tennis. Or arrange a circuit walk or run to suit.  If you can't get together, how about streaming your favourite movie in sync (or favourite sports event) and sharing a drink and a debate afterwards.

2. Eat out, with a delicious dad-orientated picnic. Pack all his favourite things and a deckchair or rug and head off someplace you can breathe out...Or if you can’t get together, why not send a gift box with some of his favourite treats.

3. Plan ahead. It's such a tonic. Commit to doing something together regularly for the next six months. Outside theatre? Hike in the hills? Watch some sports? Let him have dibs on what you do first. 

4. Learn something together. We're hearing every day about your plans to develop new passions post-pandemic - everything from cooking to painting, cricket to croquet. Do it together. Or, if your dad lives further away, think about online classes you could both sign up for.

5. Tell him how you feel and ask him to tell you the same. This one might come easy to some men in our membership but be more of a challenge to others. But if we've learned anything in this pandemic, it's the power of the conversation. And Father's Day is the perfect time to start one…