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We know how many of you are missing your swimming sessions, especially those who find pools the safest and easiest ways to keep fit because of their age and ability. So we were pleased to see news from Swim England suggesting swimming pool water can inactivate the Covid-19 virus.

A study by Imperial College London was commissioned by Swim England, the Royal Life Saving Society and the baby swim business Water Babies and effectively demonstrated that swimming pool water (crucially using chlorine for hygiene) reduced the infectivity of the virus. Coupled with the dilution factor, the researchers suggest the chance of contracting Covid-19 from swimming pool water is negligible.

We are, of course, ensuring the highest standards of cleanliness in pools, and promoting social distancing with our Covid-19 measures.


Bridgned Life Centres pool is closed and will reopen at a later date. Keep an eye out on Facebook and the website for updates.