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You already know walking is good for you. It goes without saying. But you must have also seen how as we’ve emerged from lockdown everyone is tempted to jump back in their cars.

WalkThisMay is Living Streets’ National Walking Month and aims to make you feel better and improve the health of communities by encouraging everyone to walk rather than drive if their journey’s short and cut CO2 emissions as they go.

Walking is, of course, one of the finest ways to emerge from lockdown and reconnect with friends or family in a safe way. You could organise 30 minute socially distanced walks with friends, organise a sponsored walk (with family, colleagues or friends) to raise money for your favourite charity, and reach out to those who’ve been isolated by inviting them on a weekly walk around the neighbourhood, flask of coffee or a cold drink in hand so you can stop and smell the flowers mid walk.

Check out the National Walking Month website ( for downloadable resources packed with ideas. We love the activity pack that monitors progress, the scavenger hunt for kids with 30 things to find while you’re out and about, and the idea about writing and delivering a letter to someone your family hasn’t seen in a while. And for good measure, they have some great ideas to get walking even when you’re self-isolating at home. Brilliant!