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We love this health awareness month, and the good it does across the year, across the country and across the globe. The fundraising ambitions Halo members have so happily got behind over the years have helped the Movember movement develop a precision medicine for men with advanced prostate cancer, helped them launch a new parenting program for dads, has funded trials of unique radiotherapy treatments, and is funding new research to ensure mental health professionals can deliver more male-focused support. And that’s just for starters…

So, do you want to add to their pot again with some more fun-fundraising? It doesn’t have to begin and end with that moustache (though the new Mo’s everywhere have raised so much money!). You can Move for Movember, raising money as you go... doing something fun or challenging.

All the news about the charity’s great work, and all the fundraising ideas (and tools you need to get going) can be found at


Movember: What Else Can We Do For Men's Health? - The Gryphon