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We are going digital from January 2021 with our parking system at Leominster Leisure Centre and Bridge Street Sports Centre so no more remembering to put your parking permit on display in your dashboard! 

We will now be entering your vehicle registration number on our system along with your membership number to activate your parking pass. When your pass is due to expire we will remind you a month before so please make sure your contact details are up to date!  


Next time you are at the centre speak to reception to get your vehicle registration number registered to your account or give us a call on 01432 842075 you need to do this by the 24th December 2020.

Car parking fees at both Leominster Leisure Centre and Bridge Street Sports Centre...
The current pay and display prices:

  • Up to 4 hours: £1
  • Up to 24 hours: £5
  • Annual parking pass: £28 (park at any of the three Halo operated car parks- Leominster Leisure Centre, Bridge Street Sports Centre & Hereford Leisure Centre up to 4 hours a day) 

Don't already have a parking permit and want to save money on parking? Anyone can buy an annual parking permit which gives you up to 4 hours parking per day for just £28 instead of paying £1 per visit for 4 hours parking! This could save you more than *£20 per year! Speak to reception, call us on 01432 842075 or click here to buy and activate your parking permit!



20 per year saving is based on 1 visit per week over 12 months
Full terms and conditions can be found here.