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Stretching is not just the tough-looking-stuff of a gymnastics or yoga class. It's something we should all do everyday. Did you know that some regular gentle stretching can help improve everything from mobility to circulation, posture to pain relief. Here's five reasons people stretch each day, and five reasons you should do the same…

  1. To increase blood flow and to reduce tension in your muscles, which can, in turn, reduce aches and pains.
  2. To relax and relieve stress. A regular few minutes, breathing out as you stretch, can make a massive difference.
  3. To encourage proper posture, which in turn helps tackle problems like back pain and headaches.
  4. To promote an increase in your range of motion, helping with mobility and flexibility.
  5. To warm up before exercising, and so improve performance. It's an integral part of any exercise programme.

Don't launch into a new stretching routine before you've checked out what will work for you. 

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