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Boditrax - the ultimate precision body composition tool that gives...

You...More than 20 body statistics in 30 seconds…

Us...Insight into the difference physical activity is making to your body (inside and out!)

Boditrax - used across the country by health and fitness professionals (from leading hospitals to premier football clubs).

Boditrax is the new way to check up on your workout progress. We know you feel good when you work out. That 20 minute run, swim, class, cycle, climb is a brilliant way to boost health and mood. But however good it feels, you don’t always know what it’s actually doing to your body or, indeed, whether you are reaching your goals.
Boditrax can change that and is now available FREE of charge to Halo Direct Debit and Annual Members at Hereford Leisure Centre, Hereford Leisure Pool and Bridgend Life Centre. You simply stand on the Boditrax machine, create a login, and get some 20 statistics - all manner of bodymetrics - sent to your account so you can take a look on your mobile, tablet or PC. You’ll be able to check out classic measurements like your fat and muscle mass as well as ratings of bone mass or Basal Metabolic Rate (that’s your ability to burn the food you eat). It also tells you that all important figure - your metabolic age - ie what age your body is functioning at. 
Cathy who regularly works out at Halo centres, recently got her Boditrax reading. “I enjoy exercising and was delighted when Boditrax confirmed all my sweat and effort was worthwhile, when it indicated that my metabolic age is 31 (not bad for a 49 year old!!). 

Remember - if you're not assessing you're guessing!

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