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Coronavirus has interrupted our social lives, don't let it stop your workout.

Throughout this time of uncertainty, it is more and more important to keep ourselves well both physically and mentally. If you are self-isolating, or working from home you're probably feeling a little lost or unsure on how to keep yourself occupied. Take this time to do something positive. 

We want to help keep you happy and moving so have created Halo@Home  - Your go to place for everything you need to keep active.



Lower Mobility Workouts

Workout @ home

Online Fitness Coach

Kids Resources



Mat Pilates- 20 Minute Workout

Instructor: Hannah | Equipment: None | Intensity: Low

BodyBlitz - 35 Minute Workout

Instructor: Rachel | Equipment: None | Intensity: Medium

Home Circuit - 30 Minute Workout

Instructor: Hannah | Equipment: Light Weights | Intensity: Medium

Booty Blast - 35 Minute Workout

Instructor: Rachel | Equipment: None | Intensity: Medium

Boxfit - 20 Minute Workout

Instructor: Emily | Equipment: None | Intensity: High

Legs Bums & Tums - 45 Minute Workout

Instructor: Rhian | Equipment: Step/mat | Intensity: High

Bodyblitz - 50 Minute Workout

Instructors: Kelly & Emily | Equipment: Weights/plate | Intensity: High

BodyAttack - 40 Minute Workout

Instructor: Tori | Equipment: None | Intensity: High

Legs, Bums & Tums - 40 Minute Workout

Instructor: Kelly | Equipment: A weight | Intensity: High

Tabata - 30 Minute Workout 

Instructor: Charlie | Equipment: Dumbbells or similiar, exercise mat | Intensity: Medium

Yoga - 45 Minute Workout 

Instructor: Teresa | Equipment: Yoga mat or similiar | Intensity: Low

Zumba - 45 Minute Workout 

Instructor: Laura | Equipment: None | Intensity: Medium/High

Fitsteps - 45 Minute Workout 

Instructor: Laura | Equipment: None | Intensity: Medium/High

Pilates - 45 Minute Workout 

Instructor: Meriel | Equipment: Exercise mat | Intensity: Low

Powerhooping - 20 Minute Workout 

Instructor: Sonya | Equipment: Weighted hoop | Intensity: Medium

Senior Active - 35 Minute Workout 

Instructor: Tori | Equipment: None | Intensity: Low

Legs, Bums & Tums (HIIT) - 30 Minute Workout 

Instructors: Kelly & Emily | Equipment: None | Intensity: High

BodyAttack 2 - 40 Minute Workout 

Instructors: Charlie & Lisa | Equipment: None | Intensity: High

Gentle Mobility - 35 Minute Workout 

Instructor: Teresa | Equipment: Chair | Intensity: Low

Seated Strength - 30 Minute Workout 

Instructor: Hannah | Equipment: Chair, band | Intensity: Low

Standing Balance - 20 Minute Workout 

Instructor: Hannah | Equipment: Chair | Intensity: Low

Senior Move - 45 Minute Workout 

Instructor: Teresa | Equipment: Light weights | Intensity: Medium

More online exercise for older adults and those with limited mobility

Instructor: Shapemaster | Equipment: Chair | Intensity: Low

Our centres may be closed for now but our partner, Shapemaster has produced a series of exercise home videos created by their specialist physiotherapy team to help improve strength, balance, mobility and support overall health whilst you are confined to your home. These exercise sessions are gentle, low impact, do not require any specialist equipment, are done sitting down on a chair, last no more than 5 minutes and are designed for people who find exercise a bit of a challenge. Also great if you used to use our toning suite machines.

If you have a family member, friend or neighbour that would welcome some professional advice and guidance on keeping active - then please forward the link to this page.

Instructor: Disability Sport Wales - Tom Matthews | Equipment: Chair | Intensity: Low

Workout @ Home - Custom Workouts

It's time to Workout@Home with Halo! - You can choose which exercises you want to do and in what combination - click the picture below to get started!

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Coach AI - Your new home fitness trainer

Looking for a way to keep your exercise routine until you can return to the gym? Stay active while staying safe with the help of your very own virtual coach, CoachAi. Opens in Messenger app. Click here to get started:

CoachAi walkthrough video

coach ai

Online resources for kids!

Check out all these great online activity resources for kids - we have Move Crew from Nike and UK Active where your kids can get active each day with some of Nike's trainers inlcuding World Champ Dina Asher-Smith and more! Just click on the image and you will be taken straight there.

We also have a link to Les Mills kids classes which are a great resources for all ages of youngster - the trainers have a super high energy and cover a range of movement to keep it engaging for everyone.

move crew

les mills 3

We are proud to support #BeActiveWales - Sport Wales campaign to Keep Wales during the Coronavirus crisis.   Whether you're looking for gentle exercise or an intense workout, #BeActiveWales has a routine for you.  From across the world of Welsh sport, experts, athletes and a famous face or two have come together to kit out the nation with exercise videos, session plans, motivation, nutritious recipes and lots, lots more. Are you ready? On your marks, get set, go...

Even more online exercise classes for you to enjoy with TV.FIT

Over the last few days we have been negotiating a massive discount with TV.FIT, a global and world-leading fitness and mental health app and website with over 100 hours of activity and content designed for the UK market. Everything from HIIT to Yoga and specialised wellness programs to keep you moving and happy. And their new Animal Fu classes for kids are great fun for the whole family.
Workout in the safety of your home with a group of incredible trainers.
We have agreed an amazing deal for our Halo customers - up to 75% off the normal TV.FIT monthly membership during this difficult time.
Use the UNIQUE CODE 1HALO4 at the Checkout to get this great service for just £2.50 per month.

DISCOUNTED home gym & exercise equipment for Halo customers!

We've negotiated a 20% discount for our customers with Physical - a leading supplier of gym equipment and workout accessories. Choose from kettlebells, exercise mats, hand weights, foam rollers, resistance bands, yoga blocks.... everything you need for a home workout when you can't get to the gym or exercise class. Simply add the code HALO at the Checkout to get your 20% off. Offer ends 15/6/20. Buy online now and get physical with Physical.

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