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Your staff could be working out or winding down for less with a Active Together membership

A FREE benefit for you to offer to your employees or group members

Halo Leisure work with local companies offering easy, economical ways to keep their workforce fit and active. We can also offer the same benefit to local community groups and sports clubs.

Some sign up for Active Together membership so members of their team (and their partners) can get access to all Halo has to offer for around £1 a day, AND it doesn't cost the employer or organisation anything! Others ask Halo to take health and wellbeing right into the workplace and deliver a range of activities on site.

But all the companies we work with feel the benefit via their staff's loyalty, health, retention, team spirit...

Want to know more? Click on the two key options below for more details or contact:

Kelly Price (Herefordshire & Shropshire enquiries) on 01432 842 072 or email her at to talk through options to suit your workforce needs. 

Helen O'Keefe (Bridgend County & Highworth enquiries) on 01656 678865  or email her at helen.o' to talk through options to suit your workforce needs.




10 good reasons to take up a no-cost-to-company corporate membership...

With the Active Together membership you can offer every member of your team, and their partners living at the same address (even if they don't work for the company) discounted access to Halo Leisure.

For around £1 a day your team can enjoy:

  1. Group exercise classes (and Halo has over 100 to choose from).
  2. Gym workouts.
  3. Swimming and aqua fitness classes.
  4. Relaxation in our saunas and steam rooms.
  5. Power assisted exercise in our Toning Suite (Hereford Leisure Centre and Bridgend Life Centre).
  6. Golf (at Hereford Leisure Centre).
  7. Personal support from qualified health and fitness professionals.
  8. A fitness activity plan to meet your goals.
  9. Member benefits via a Halo Card securing discounts and special offers at a range of local shops.

There is absolutely no cost to your company to sign up, all we ask is for you to promote the scheme to your staff, and feel the benefits to your bottom line!


10 good reasons why companies are bringing health and fitness into the building...

Rather than sending your staff off site to promote health and fitness, you could bring us in to your organisation so we can reach more of your team, more often and help make personal health and wellbeing part and parcel of every employee's working day.

Halo's award winning workplace wellbeing programme would not only help you assess attitudes to and participation in health and fitness activities (in and out of work), but develop a menu of initiatives to suit yout brief which could include all or some of the activities below:

Proposed Activity Benefits Timescale
Health and Wellbeing Survey Let us evaluate the health and wellbeing of your staff and identify a range of initiatives to suit their needs. A fabulous way to kick off the programme to establish baseline data. We'll repeat at regular intervals
Health and Fitness Testing What everyone should know - the starting point that moves and motivates and so helps drive change. We'll measure blood pressure, lung capacity, flexibility, fitness, BPI, and hip to waist ratio. At the outset and then every 2-3 months.
Group Exercise Let us transform a small space in your building into a group exercise studio, offering classes to suit your staff and to deliver a range of health benefits, from yoga, to aerobics, to bootcamp. Weekly.
Blood Pressure Testing Event One of the essential regular health tests, brought into the office to benefit everyone. Our team can advise on follow up to results. At least once a year, during Stroke Awareness Week.
Halo centre based activities Perfect for building and bonding teams e.g. indoor rock climbing, team sports, bootcamps, etc. From weekly to quarterly.
Team events including training for national initiatives like Race for Life. Everyone feels the benefit when employees come together and train as a team for these special days. Rolling programme.
Mindfulness and Time Management Workshops These methods are working their magic across the country by helping staff teams recognise and respond to workplace stress and manage their day more effectively. Periodically.
Stop Smoking Support Workshops For every member of your team who wants to quit and improve their health. Throughout the programme.
Staff Monthly Health Event Every month we'll develop events and/or competitions around a national hralth theme, from Wear it Pink (for Breast Health Awareness) to Movember in November to promote men's health issues. This is a brillian way to bring resources to your team that will empower them to take better care of their own, and each others' health, and to help them celebrate the new focus on wellbeing at work. Monthly.
  1. Team building initiatives including structured group training for Race for Life.
  2. A staff health and wellbeing survey.
  3. Mindfulness and time management workshops.
  4. Health and fitness testing (from blood pressure to BMI).
  5. Group exercise classes delivered exclusively for your team.
  6. Motivational emails.
  7. Quit smoking support initiatives.
  8. Healthy eating programmes.
  9. Health awareness promotions (covering everything from stroke prevention to male health).
  10. Halo-based activities (team sports, rock climbing, and more).



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